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Awaji Danjiri Festival

TAJIMAApril 29 2017

Come and experience this spectacular danjiri festival, the biggest in Awaji Island. A group of people carry on their shoulders, an elaborately decorated portable shrine called danjiri. There will be 20 danjiri each representing their neighbourhood. Enjoy their local danjiri chants and the performance of lion dance.

Venue  Mihara-kenko-Hiroba,
Address: 198-5 Ichiaoki, Minamiawaji City, 656-0462
Opening hours  8:00-15:30
Getting there  25 mins walk from Minamiawaji City Hall
Website  http://www.awajishima-kanko.jp/en/ (Awaji Island Tourism Guide)
http://www.city.minamiawaji.hyogo.jp/ (Minamiawaji City Website)
Inquiries  Awaji Danjiri Festival Committee


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