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Kawanishi Genji Festival

HANSHINApril 9 2017

This festival celebrates the Genji clan who settled down in Kawanishi City around 1,000 years ago. The clan of Minamoto is one of the clans that were powerful in the Heian era. You may be familiar with Japanese classic literature, the Tale of Genji.depicting the life of t. This event honours their heritage in this city and the lives of Genji. Those historical figures of the Genji and other associated generals will march in a parade under cherry blossom trees dressed in period attires around Tada Shrine which Minamoto no Mitsunaka built in 907. Every year around 40,000 people gather around to witness this impressive event.

Venue  Around Tada Shrine, Kawanishi-noseguchi (Aste Kawanishi Pipu Square)
Opening hours  The parade is schedule to leave Tada Shrine at 13:00. *Please check nearer the time
Admission  Free
Getting there  Take a train on Hankyu Electric Railway Takarazuka Line. At Kawanishi-noseguchi Station, change for Nose Electric Railway and get off at Tada Station or take a Hankyu Bus and get off at Tada-Jinja-Mae
Website  http://www.city.kawanishi.hyogo.jp/shokai/kankouannai/koureigyougi/ss_genji.html (Kawanishi City)
http://www.tadajinjya.or.jp/ (Tada Shrine (Japanese))
Inquiries  Kawanishi City, Culture and Tourism Division


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