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The World's Plum Park Open

HARIMAFeb 11 - March 25

This 'world's plum park' (sekai no ume koen)has opened in 14 years ago. You can enjoy plums of around 315 kinds (around 1,250 trees) from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and so on.
When you are in the park, the architecture in the park makes you wonder where in the world you are. From the observatory, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the sky and the Seto Inland Sea from Ako-misaki on the west to Shikoku, Shodoshima and Ieshima Islands.

Murotsu, a 1300-year-old port town is also a must see place nearby where the German physicist, botanist and traveller Philipp Franz Balthasar von Siebold marvelled at the beauty of the town.

Venue  Mitsu Shizen Kansatsu Koen (Mitsu Nature Observation Park)
Opening hours  9:00-16:30
Admission  Adult 400 yen Child 200 yen
Closed  Mondays (when it is a bank holiday, the next day is closed)(except the plum season)
Getting there  At JR/Sanyo Aboshi Station, take a Shinki Bus bound for Ooura and get off at Sekai-no-Ume-Koen-Mae.
Website  http://www.kanko-mitsu-hyogo.jp/page_ume/ume_2.html (Official Webpage (Japanese))
Inquiries  Mitsu Shizen Kansatsu Koen TEL/FAX 079-322-4100

Tatsuno city Tourist Association Mitsu branch TEL 079-322-1004 FAX 079-322-2625


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