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Crab Kingdom: Kinosaki

HYOGONov 6 - March 31 2017

The Tajima area of Hyogo Prefecture is famous for its sea food especially crab. Sea food of the season is snow crab since November and is available till the end of March. Kinosaki Onsen, one of the top 10 hot spring destinations in Japan turns into 'Crab Kingdom' during those months, celebrating everything about crab. Not only can you enjoy crab at restaurants and cafes, there are crab buns and crab gelato. Please inquire at Kinosaki Tourist Information Center about events and a list of affiliated shops.

Venue  Kinosaki Onsen
Getting there  JR Kinosaki Onsen
Website  http://www.kinosaki-spa.gr.jp/global/index.html (Kinosaki Onsen: Hot Spring Town)
http://www.kinosaki-spa.gr.jp/pdf/kani-kingdom16-17.pdf (Crab Kingdom Programme (Japanese))
http://visitkinosaki.com/ (Visit Kinosaki)
Inquiries  Kinosaki Tourist Information Center
TEL: 0796-32-3663
Address: 357-1 Yushima Kinosaki-cho,
Toyooka, Hyogo, 669-6101, Japan

Kinosaki Information Counter
TEL: 81-796-29-4188


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