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Tajima Tour Bus "Tajimawaru"

HYOGOWeekends & Bank Holidays April 2016 ~ Mar 2017

"Tajimawaru" the Tajima tour bus offers such a great opportunity to see those must-places of Tajima in one day! The must-see places include Takeda Castle Ruins, Izushi and Kinosaki Onsen. The ride is only ¥500 for the whole day! When you show the "Tajimawaru" ticket, you can get a 5% discount at affiliated shops and get to visit affiliated attractions at a discounted price.

No need to book in advance.
Just show up at the bus stop for "Tajimawaru" outside of each station or each attraction. There is a friendly tour guide there to welcome you.

*Please note that all the "Tajimawaru" tour buses run only on weekends and bank holidays.
"Tajimawaru Premium Tour Bus" runs from April till November 2016 and in March 2017.
"Tajimawaru Bus No.1" runs in August 2016.
"Tajimawaru Bus No.2" runs from July 16th till August 2016 and March 2017.
"Tajimawaru Bus No.3" runs only in November 2016.

Please check the pamphlet on their website for more details.

Venue  Tajima Area
Admission  Adult ¥500
Children ¥250
Closed  Weekdays
Getting there  JR Wadayama Station
JR Toyooka Station

Zentan Express Bus available from Osaka and Sannomiya directly either to Kinosaki or Yumura.
Website  http://tajima-tabi.net/tajimawaru/
Inquiries  Tamba Tourism Association TEL:0796-26-3686 (Weekday 9:00~17:30)
ZENTAN BUS CO.,LTD TEL:079-662-2133


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