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Food & Specialty Products - Kobe

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is tender, marbled beef. Picture the brilliant red marbled with thin, beautiful strips of fat that clearly penetrate into the muscle.

Nada no Sake

Nadagogo is a famous sake production area that has about a 30% share of the national total, ranked first in Japan. Sake brewed in five quarters called Nadagogo will amaze sake lovers.

Kobe Wine

Kobe wine is made using only the best species of grapes, producing a wine of the highest quality. Appreciate Kobe wine that weaves nature and humans together.

Sweets and Breads

The Kobe-Hanshin area is known for its sweets. There are many main branches of sweets manufacturers and small patisseries in unexpected places.

Kugini (boiled sand eel)

Kugini originated in Tarumi ward, Kobe. Kunigi was given its name because a boiled sand eel looks like an old rusted nail.


Nagatayaki is a unique type of okonomiyaki in Nagata ward, Kobe.


Bokkake is traditional household dish in Kobe. Simmer the beef and konnyaku until tender.


Sobameshi is pan-fried noodles and boiled rice, and very unique in Kobe.

Arima Doll Brushes

These brushes are a local folk product that were first made when Emperor Kotoku stayed at Arima and was blessed with a child.


Kobe is the processing center for cultured pearls produced in and out of Japan.

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