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Izushi Castle Ruins/Shinkoro

History Tajima

Inari Shrine is located in the castle ruins and thirty-seven vermilion lacquered torii gates (gates at the entrance to shinto shrines) are beautiful in contrast with the whiteness of the castle. It is also called Shiroyama (castle mountain) and is a place of scenic cherry blossoms beauty in spring. Shinkoro (literally the Tower of the Dragon Drums) was constructed in 1871 by the Sannomaru Otemon of Izushi Castle. In 1881 a clock was donated and it is now a symbol of Izushi as a cherished clock tower.

Access 30 minutes by Zentan Bus from JR Toyooka Station to Izushi stop and 5 minute walk
Inquiries Izushi Tourism Association  0796-52-4806
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