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Fresh Asago serves local dishes using produce from farmers in the surrounding areas. Dishes on the menu along with the nature of Asago can be enjoyed to your heart's content.

  • Asagoshi-Shi Iwatsu 96


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Orizuru serves fresh sea food from the Sea of Japan and also uses other ingredients from Tajima in Hyogo Prefecture. Our recommendations are Joh-Nigiri (top quality Nigiri-Sushi), Rice topped with seafood. The lunch menu starts from ¥980. Closed: Tuesday
Hours: 11:00 – 13:30, 17:00 – 21:30

  • Toyooka-Shi Kinosaki-Cho Yushima 396


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Kinosaki Spa, famously well known for generations, is situated along the Sea of Japan. Okeshosengyo is located in its downtown area, and sells many kinds of fish such as sardines, tuna and crabs. Every morning and evening, it purchases 80 to 100 kinds from either a local fish market, or directly from fishermen in the four ports nearby. “Okeshosengyo-no-Kanchuen” is on the second floor, and serves a variety of set menus including snow crab in winter, with the added possibility of having fish bought on the first floor cooked and prepared.

  • Toyooka-Shi Kinosaki-Cho Yushima 132
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Open everyday and anytime for lunch and dinner. Please call before visiting. offers guests from overseas with an a la carte menu that enjoys popularity among those guests. You can select dishes of crab, shrimp, beefsteak, chicken and others with bread and soup. Why not visit and experience wonderful food and atmosphere yourself in countryside at a reasonable price? 10 minutes ride by car from JR Kasumi Station on San-in line. will pick you up at the station on your request.

  • Mikata-Gun Kami-Cho Kasumi-Ku Nakano 251



We always use Tajima beef and other beef selected carefully by the chief cook. Please enjoy tasting of foods at our restaurant with rich Japanese atmosphere. You can see the cooking scene of your order before your very eyes. The chef skillfully cooks with clever manipulation.

  • Shin-Onsen-Cho 1371
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Little Kyoto in Tajima -Genuine Tajima Beef Restaurant in Izushi- You may taste Tajima beefsteak with mellow taste and flavor at our restaurant “Freedom” in Izushi at a reasonable price. Dishes using foodstuffs in season are served voluminously. You can take lunch combing Japanese and Western style dishes. With our original sauce you can taste the dishes better.

  • Toyoooka-Shi, Izushi-Chou Machibun 150-4
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Have leisurely a hot spring bath including sodium hydrogen carbonate ion that give skin moisture. After the bathing you will have tasty Tajima beef steak set at a reasonable price of ¥3,500. The menus include sasimi set of fresh seafood, edible wild plants, tempura of vegetables, fried pork cutlet and excellent pieces. At the barbecue terrace you will have barbecue of Tajima beef looking at the scenes of preserved natural woodland. Reservation for barbecue terrace is necessary between May and September. This establishment provides tender for human, abundance of seasonable senses and hearty hospitality.

  • Yabu-Shi Youka-Cho Takayanagi 488-1
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Minato sushi is known as a special restaurant which is located in front of the Kasumi west port. The restaurant has been loved by people who live in Kansai area for a long time. The taste of the original “Kani shabu” (boiled crabs)with Kani miso(crab paste dip) is excellent. There is no doubt that people who eat the Kani shabu would say “very good”. The other specialties,”Nodoguros(black-throat sea perch),Fresh oysters and “Sakura ebi”(tiny shrimps) baked on the stone are also popular. There are enough places for a big group. (4 private rooms on 2nd floor,15 seats at the counter and 3 tables on tatami mats on the 1st floor).This friendly restaurant has various kinds of today’s special everyday.

  • Mikata-Gun Kami-Cho Kasumi-Ku Kasumi 1772



Conveniently located one-minute from JR Toyooka Station the Hotel Daimaru has 17 guest rooms. It has restaurants serving Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine, tea rooms, and a sushi shop all located on the first and second floors. Dishes using seasonal ingredients from Tajima can be enjoyed and a parking lot is also +available.

  • Toyooka-Shi Oote-Machi 1-27
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RESTAURANT AJINAMIKI & KAIGANDORI(Kabushiki Kaisha Watanabe Suisan)


Restaurant Ajinamiki & Kaigandori serve dishes with fresh fish caught on the same day, such as firefly squid in spring, white squid and turban shells in summer, flat fish in autumn and snow crabs in winter. The daily set menu is also varied on weekdays.

  • Mikata-Gun Shin-Onsen-Cho Ashiya 853
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Tajima Beef is known as one of the top quality types of beef in the world.
Tajima cattle belong to Kuroge-wagyu, or the Japanese bred black-haired cattle, and they are raised on a beautiful land in the Tajima region with extreme care. The flavorful marbles of fat are what define Tajima Beef. Its sweetness and unique flavor will leave you with a lasting impression.
Beef is delivered directly from the ranch, so we are able to serve high quality beef at an affordable price. We hope you’ll enjoy Tajima beef to your heart’s content.

  • Toyooka-shi Hideka-cho Jugo 2074-4
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