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Restaurantship CONCERTO

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Come and spend a luxurious evening at a restaurant that best represents Kobe.
Enjoy the romantic cruise on our 600 passenger boat from Harbor Land to the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge while enjoying the finest dishes. Our chef is one of the leading chefs of today that serves authentic Chinese with a hint of French twist. Elegantly created dishes will appeal to all of your senses. Accompanied by live musical performances, it’ll be a night to remember. Authentic Kobe Beef steak is also highly recommended.

  • Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Higashi kawasaki-cho 1-6-1
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We serve the finest, world renowned Tajima, Sanda, and Kobe beef.
We have full confidence in the selection of our beef, and we are going to continue to build up on our reputation as a restaurant that serves only the very best.

  • Kobe-shi Chuou-ku Nakayamatedori 1-22-13
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Our business opened in 1906. Back then, beef dishes were very rare, but we served Kobe beef steaks and cutlets. We were a pioneer in serving Kobe beef.
Soft, flavorful meat with fine, sweet, marbled texture just melts away in your mouth with its unique, unforgettable flavor. Our top-quality Kobe beef can be enjoyed in many ways, such as shabu-shabu, steak, Kaiseki¬style, and more, all served by our highly trained chefs. We offer private rooms of variety of sizes for our guests to enjoy the meal in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuo-ku Sannomiya-cho 3-9-5


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"Sakabayashi" fine restaurant is located in Kobe Shushinkan Breweries, home to Kobe's local "Fukuju" brand of sake. Dishes on the menu include the perfect match of top quality Tajima beef and Nada sake, as well as hand made tofu and especially prepared soba. Bookings are possible for groups of less than 40.

  • Kobe-Shi Higashi-Nada-Ku Mikage-Tsukamachi 1-8-17
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Maison de Fleur Paradis KITANO

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PARADIS KITANO, a detached restaurant surrounded by flowers and greenery is standing at a corner of KITANO IJINKAN (Westerner’s Residence) Street where pervades exotic atmosphere in Kobe.
You can enjoy the dishes of fishes caught in the neighboring seas, local foodstuffs and herbs growing in the garden.
This is one of the recommendable and winning popularity restaurant after visiting the Ijinkan(Westerner’s Residences ) Street.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kitano-Cho 2-16-8
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Kobe Plaisir is a restaurant run directly by the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Group where visitors may enjoy the dishes prepared using ingredients grown locally with loving care by Hyogo producers.
These locally grown ingredients are on display in the restaurant and the staff will explain the production site, etc. when serving. You can enjoy Kobe beef roasted on a flat iron grill (teppan-yaki) or shabu-shabu (hot pot) with delicious sake or wine. There is a beef teppan-yaki corner, a hall that seats thirty-two and three gorgeous private rooms.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Shimoyamate-Dori 2-11-5 Hotel The B

Restaurant TuTu

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Ships sailing, whistles blowing, seagulls crying…everything seems like just a hand’s reach away when you are looking at the panoramic view of Kobe from our restaurant. Located right by the ocean, we offer the finest roast beef using specially-chosen Kobe beef, as wells as other dishes using the best local ingredients.

  • Kobe-shi, Chuo-ku Hatoba-cho 5-6 Nakatottei Terminal 2F
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Manjuden is a large scale Chinese restaurant located in Kitano Ijinkan Street, and its eight story red and golden palace is one of Kobe’s exotic tourism spots. Within the range of Kitano and Nankinmachi for sightseeing, and Sannomiya for shopping, Beijing dishes, original Hong Kong pot dishes and Kobe Gyoza have been served along with many others since the opening of the restaurant 40 years ago.

  • Kobe-Shi Chou-Ku Naka-Yamate-Dori 2-20-4
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We are proud to serve only the finest, top-of-the-line Kobe Beef. Our chefs will cook and serve the steak right before your eyes. We also serve Sukiyaki and other dishes in our restaurant that was designed by the famous designer Yasumichi Morita. Come and enjoy the best beef in town.

  • Kobe-shi Chuou-Ku Akashi-Machi 31-1 Testa Kobe Kyu-Kyoryuchi 5F
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BOTAN-EN welcomes groups large or small up to 60 guests. There are seventy regular dishes plus additional seasonal dishes of Chinese food. BOTAN-EN can arrange dishes in your price range. Please feel free to ask BOTAN-EN. 3 minutes walk south of JR Motomachi Station.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Motomachi-Dori 1-11

Luminous Kobe-2

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Luminous Kobe is the largest cruise ship in Japan, weighing over 4,500 tons. On a lunch cruise, a grand view from Osaka Bay can be enjoyed, which includes Kobe city area, Akashi Bridge, Kobe Airport, and Awaji Island.
On a dinner cruise, the beautiful city light of Kobe is a must-see, and traveling under the illuminated Akashi Bridge is a spectacular view.
We offer authentic French cuisine and steak buffet, and the guests will be able to enjoy the relaxing cruise in a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

  • Kobe-shi Chuo-ku Hatoba-cho 5-6


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Sone features live Jazz music with a four piece band including a female vocalist, piano, bass and drums. The menu includes a variety of dishes. Group reservation is available for daytime only and there is a cover charge of 700 yen.

  • Kobe-Shi Chou-Ku Naka-Yamate-Dori 1-24-10
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With the interior decorated in good old days, you can enjoy authentic Chinese court cuisine at the classic Western building constructed in the late 19th century. The restaurant is located in Kitano area. It is 15 minutes walk north from JR Sannomiya Station and 10 minutes walk north from JR Motomachi Station. Open everyday.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Yamamoto-Dori 3-14-18


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A 15 minute taxi ride will take you up the hill to Fusha, which overlooks downtown Kobe and the Port. To the north you enjoy a view of rolling golf course, galloping horses and Mt. Kikusui. The menu features French dishes using home-made bacon, smoked scallop and pesticide-free vegetables.

  • Kobe-Shi Hyog-Ku Karasuhara Nukudani 1 Kikumizu G
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Nishiki offers exquisite Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. Chef’s seasonal special course meal is available from \4,500. We also offer See eel shabu in summer, and Fugu nabe, puffer fish hot pot, in winter (advance booking required). Come and relax in a hori-gotatsu (foot warmer built into a floor), and enjoy the authentic Japanese dishes offered by a friendly couple.

  • Kobe-Shi Chou-Ku Naka-Yamate-Dori 1-20-3

Teppanyaki Kobe Fuji

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Is Kobe beef restaurant too fancy? Certainly not at Kobe Fuji. Friendly teppanyaki restaurant Fuji offers a variety of food ranges from exquisite Kobe beef to local dishes such as Sobameshi at affordable prices. You'll be spoilt for choice.

  • 1-9-5 Nakayamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650004
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Teppan-yaki KITANO


We offer an excellent mix of the freshest seasonal ingredients for appetizer. Carefully selected Japanese black cattle beef roasted on a grill is so tasty.
Make a choice among the assorted courses in menus for lunch and dinner. Enjoy our gourmet treats at the authentic Japanese grill restaurant!

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kitano-Cho 1-1

Sousaku-teppanyaki Sakura


Restaurant TOUR D'OR is an old well established Kobe French restaurant opened in 1982 which commands a panoramic view of the city. Staff strives to provide guests with a pleasant time in a comfortable environment.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kitanagasa-Dori 3-3-5 7F
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Restaurant TOUR D'OR is an old well established Kobe French restaurant opened in 1982 which commands a panoramic view of the city. Staff strives to provide guests with a pleasant time in a comfortable environment.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Suwayama-Kouen Tenboudai
  • _



KAKUI serves original dishes using local ingredients such as, Kobe beef and Tanba chicken. These dishes are seasoned with natural salt and are chemical seasoning free. The chef acquired many years of experience in working French restaurant at a hotel. Try diner-friendly slow food at a relaxed atmosphere. 5 minutes walk north from JR Motomachi Station.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Shimoyamate-Dori 2-3-16

SHINSENKAKU -Chinese Restaurant-


Shinsenkaku serves a rich variety of mainland Chinese dishes using freshbest ingredients. From June a new menu for ladies courses has been created along with an increase in dishes on the dinner menu. The restaurant underwent new luxurious renovations last autumn and includes many kinds of rooms from a spacious single, a kotatsu seating style room built into the floor to a 400-person banquet hall.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Shimoyamate-Dori 2-13-1
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(Nakayamate Head Shop)

Coffee shops, now prevailing all over Japan, originated with NISHIMURA'S COFFEE SHOP more than 50 years ago. NISHIMURA has been thriving and famous nationwide. There are a wide variety of menus including not only regular coffee but arranged coffee awarded its highest quality and taste. NISHIMURA offers a relaxed time to guests with beautiful interior and service. The head shop is on Nakayamate street and 5 minutes walk from Sannomiya Station. Mikage shop (7 minutes walk south from Hankyu Mikage Station) serves Kobe beef and Kitano-zaka shop (10 minutes walk from Sannomiya Station) serves French cuisine. Open everyday.

  • Kobe-Shi Chou-Ku Naka-Yamate-Dori 1-26-3



Just across the Kitanozaka, a French born and trained chef offers sophisticated French cuisine in Paris-style setting. They serve lunch, dinner as well as drinks. This is a great place to have meals on special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

  • Kobe-Shi Chou-Ku Yamamoto-Dori 1-7-21
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Sennin Daikan is a typical Japanese restaurant, where the guests may enjoy local sake from the five regions of Hyogo Prefecture alongside seasonal dishes. 300 seats in the restaurant are divided in three daikan yashikis, and at each corner the guests may enjoy well-known dishes. “Soba Daikan” serves Izushi soba, “Sake Daikan” local sake produced of Hyogo, fish caught in the Inland or Japan Seas, and vegetables grown in Tamba, while “Nabe Daikan” serves Harima chicken, shabu-shabu using Japanese beef, and stewpot dishes (nabe-ryori).

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Onoe-Dori 7-1-1 Nihonseimei Sannnomiya Ekimae Building B1F
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KOBE STEAK RESTAURANT Mouriya (Flagship restaurant)


The established Kobe beef restaurant first opened its door back in 1885. The finest quality is always guaranteed.
Opening hours: 11.30-15.00 (Lunch), 15.00-22.30 (Dinner) Last call at 21.30

  • 2-1-17 Shimoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo
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Mishomon offers authentic Cantonese cuisine in the city center of Kobe. From seasonal specialties to a la carte menu, all are prepared by a well-established chef from Hong Kong.

  • 2nd Floor of Queens Coast Building 1-9-8 Kitanagasadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo, 650-0012
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