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Kinosaki Hot Springs: stroll around the hot spring town in yukata (Japanese cotton kimono) and geta (Japanese wooden sandals) & enjoy delicious seafood

Overnight Course Travel in a rental car

This course is dedicated to experiencing Kinosaki Hot Springs, the top hot spring town in the Kansai region. Rent a car and enjoy the road trip!

Access to Kinosaki-Onsen (Kinosaki Hot Springs)

A three and a half hour bus ride from Osaka Station/3 hours on a JR Limited Express Train from Kyoto Station

Course Map

Day 1

JR Kinosaki Onsen Station

15 minute drive

Kinosaki Marine World

2 hours

Popular for its variety of shows by dolphins, seals, and penguins, Kinosaki Marine World also has an attraction called the “Dive Adventure” where visitors can experience the under water world.

15 minute drive

Kinosaki Hot Springs (Dinner / Accomodation)

After checking in, change into a yukata and take a stroll around town. There are many sotoyu, outside baths, where visitors can relax and unwind. Since the town is located along the Sea of Japan, fresh seafood is always available. Matsuba crab is a must-have dish during the winter.

Day 2

Kinosaki Hot Springs

20 minute drive

Hyogo Prefectural Homeland for the Oriental White Stork

Hyogo prefecture succeeded in breeding, raising, and reintroducing Oriental White Storks that were once on the brink of extinction back into the wild. This precious bird is the symbol for the importance of coexistence between human and nature.

20 minute drive

Izushi Excursion (Lunch)

Izushi is often called a “Little Kyoto” for its great castle town atmosphere.

Take a stroll around town and you’ll be able to find restaurants that serve famous Izushi Soba

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