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San’in Coast & Hot Springs: Visit the potential location of the National Geopark

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The San’in Coast is designated as one of the sites for the International Network of Geoparks . Yumura Hot Springs was selected as a filming site for a Japanese TV drama because of its beauty.

Course Map

Day 1

Ikuno Ginzan

2 hours

Ikuno Ginzan, or the Ikuno Silver Mine, thrived between the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods. As the silver mine under the direct control of the government, the mine has produced great amount of silver and bronze. The mine extends for 350 km, and is 880m in depth.

1 hour drive

Tajima Plateau Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is located 700m above sea level on the Torokawa Plateau. With many marshes in the park, it is home to abundant and wide variety of plant life.

50 minute drive

Yumura Hot Springs (Dinner / Accomodation)

Yumura hot spring town opened during the Heian period.

Haruki River runs through the central part of the town, and next to this river is the source of the hot springs, called arayu. This is one of the hottest and most abundant hot springs in Japan, with 47 liters of hot water (98ºC) gushing out per minute.

Day 2

Yumura Hot Springs

15 minute drive

San'in Coast Geopark ・Sightseeing Boat

2 hours

The San’in Coast is currently working its way on becoming a member of the UNESCO International Network of Geoparks to further protect and share its beauty. A sightseeing boat is available for visitors who want to enjoy the magnificent view of the San’in Kaigan National Park that runs from Hamasaka and Kasumi Ports. The area is famous for its seafood.

30 minute drive


1 hour

Visitors can enjoy Daijouji temple’s famous wall painting done by Oukyo Maruyama. Very influential painter from the Edo era, Kyoto art world still has many artists who follow Maruyama’s beautiful style.

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