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You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere from Mt. Rokko, which is one of the three best places in Japan to see night scenery, and take in the beautiful lights and the exotic mood of the Old Foreign Settlement. Kobe is known as one of the centers of Japanese fashion and is one of the best places for shopping.Arima Hot Springs, located in northern Kobe, is very popular.

Transportation in Kobe

  • Kobe Airport (Marine Air)

    18 minutes to the Sannomiya area by Port Liner

  • Kobe Municipal Subway(PDF)

    The Kobe Municipal Subway operates in the mid-western area of the city (Nishi-ku, Suma-ku, Nagata-ku, Hyogo-ku and Chuo-ku).

  • Kobe City Bus

    The Kobe City Bus is a means of municipal transportation and it covers almost all areas of the city (Higashinada, Nada, Sannomiya/Kobe, Maiko, Suma, Nagata, Hokushin, Seishin, etc.)

  • City Loop Bus

    This bus’s route runs by most of the major tourist spots in the city. It looks like an old trolley.

    Port Tower, Harbor Land, Minato-Motomachi Sta. Mae, Nankin-machi, Kyukyoryuchi (Old Foreign Settlement), Sannomiya Center-Gai, Tor Road, Kitano Ijinkan Street, Shin-Kobe Station, Mint Kobe, Shiyakusho-mae (City Hall), Motomachi Shotengai (shopping street), Meriken Park.

    Normal Ticket: Adult ¥250, Child (Under 12 years old) ¥130
    1 Day Pass: Adult ¥650, Child (Under 12 years old) ¥330

  • Port Liner/Rokko Liner

    The Port Liner connects Port Island and Sannomiya and is very convenient for getting around the island. It also connects Kobe Airport and Sannomiya in about 18 minutes.
    The Rokko Liner connects Rokko Island and JR Sumiyoshi Station.

  • Rokko Arima Ropeway

    The ropeway connects Arima Onsen Station and Mt. Rokko Sancho Station in 12 minutes.

  • Rokko Cable Car

    The cable car connects Rokko Cable Shita and Rokko Cable Sanjo in about 10 minutes.

Kobe International Volunteer Guide

  • Kobe Systematized Goodwill Guides Club
  • Kobe Voluntary Good-Will Guides (K.V.G.G.)
  • Kobe Student Guide

International Volunteer Guides in Kobe

There are guided tours offered by volunteers and some of them can provide translation services.

Tourist Information Inquiries in Kobe

  • Kobe City Information Center

    TEL: 078-322-0220

  • Kobe Harbor Land Information Center

    TEL: 078-360-3639

The following association accepts Japanese inquiries only.

  • Arima Hot Springs Tourism Information Center

    TEL: 078-904-0708

  • Hyogo-tsu
  • Hyogo-tsu
  • Special Features - Introducing World Heritage Sites, Delicacies, and Hot Springs
  • Hyogo Tourism Blog - Unique tourist spots in Hyogo

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