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You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere from Mt. Rokko, which is one of the three best places in Japan to see night scenery, and take in the beautiful lights and the exotic mood of the Old Foreign Settlement. Kobe is known as one of the centers of Japanese fashion and is one of the best places for shopping.Arima Hot Springs, located in northern Kobe, is very popular.

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The Hanshin area is situated along Osaka Bay and this area, sandwiched between the big cities of Kobe and Osaka, is densely populated. The Takarazuka Revue, one of the most popular theatrical troupes, and Hanshin Koshien Stadium are just two of the fulfilling entertainment options available.

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Please enjoy the traditional atmosphere that centers around the UNESCO World Heritage Site Himeji Castle, Tatsuno City, and Ako City. In Akashi City in the eastern part of Harima, you can buy fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea in the Uonotana Shopping Street.

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Kinosaki and Yumura Hot Springs are two of the leading hot spring areas in Kansai. Many gourmets come to enjoy Tajima’s products of the land and the sea, such as Matsuba Crab and Tajima Beef.

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Everyone can enjoy the unique Satoyama landscape all over Tamba. Tamba Tachikui Yaki has 800 long years of history and is one of the six oldest potteries in Japan. Black beans, chestnuts, and mushrooms, some of the area’s best products, are famous nationwide.

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Awaji Island is a place of myth and a treasure house of food. It is also famous as a flower island and at Awaji Yumebutai you can enjoy many different types of flowers from season to season. Please also take time to see the art of Awaji Puppet Theater, which has 500 years of tradition.

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