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Please enjoy the traditional atmosphere that centers around the UNESCO World Heritage Site Himeji Castle, Tatsuno City, and Ako City. In Akashi City in the eastern part of Harima, you can buy fresh seafood from the Seto Inland Sea in the Uonotana Shopping Street.

Column of Harima

Transportation in Kobe

  • Akashi City Bus

    Convenient for transport to and from Akashi Station

  • Shinki Bus

    The Shinki Bus operates bus services in the western part of Hyogo, including Akashi City (except around Akashi Station), Kakogawa City, Himeji City, etc.

Harima International Volunteer Guide

  • Miki International Association

International Volunteer Guides in Harima

There are guided tours offered by volunteers and some of them can provide translation services.

Tourist Information Inquiries in Harima

  • Hyogo Tourism Association

    TEL: 078-361-7661

  • Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

    TEL: 079-287-3655

The following association accepts Japanese inquiries only.

  • Akashi Tourism Association

    TEL: 078-918-5080

  • Kakogawa Kankou Kyokai

    TEL: 079-424-2170

  • Takasago Sightseeing Association

    TEL: 079-443-0500

  • Inami Town Industrial Section

    TEL: 079-492-9141

  • Harima Town Residents Group

    TEL: 079-435-2364

  • Nishiwaki City Tourism Association

    TEL: 0795-22-3111

  • Miki City Tourism and Products Association

    TEL: 0794-83-8400

  • Ono City Tourism Association

    TEL: 0794-63-1929

  • Kasai City Tourism and Town Construction Association

    TEL: 0790-42-8823

  • Kato City Tourism Association

    TEL: 0795-47-1304

  • Kato City Tourism Association

    TEL: 0795-47-1304

  • Taka Town Tourism Exchange Association

    TEL: 0795-32-2381

  • Kamikawa Town Tourism Association

    TEL: 0790-32-2316

  • Ichikawa Town Tourism Association

    TEL: 0790-26-1010

  • Fukusaki Town Tourism Association

    TEL: 0790-22-0560

  • Aioi Tourism Association

    TEL: 0791-22-7177

  • Tatsuno Tourist Association

    TEL: 0791-64-3156

  • Ako Tourist Information Center

    TEL: 0791-42-2602

  • Shiso Tourism Association

    TEL: 0790-63-3068

  • Taishi Town Tourist Association

    TEL: 079-277-2566

  • Kamigoori Town Tourism Association

    TEL: 0791-52-1116

  • Sayo Town Tourism Association

    TEL: 0790-82-2521

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