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The Hanshin area is situated along Osaka Bay and this area, sandwiched between the big cities of Kobe and Osaka, is densely populated. The Takarazuka Revue, one of the most popular theatrical troupes, and Hanshin Koshien Stadium are just two of the fulfilling entertainment options available.

Transportation in Hanshin

  • Hankyu Bus

    This bus is convenient for transport between stations on the Hankyu Railway and stations on the Nose Electric Railway.

  • Hanshin Bus

    This bus is convenient for transport between stations in Amagasaki and Nishinomiya cities.

  • Amagasaki City Bus

    The Amagasaki City Bus operates within city limits between the north and south, stopping at JR, Hankyu and Hanshin stations.

  • Itami City Bus

    The Itami City Bus operates between JR Itami station, Hankyu Itami and Tsukaguchi stations and adjacent cities.

Hanshin International Volunteer Guide

  • Itami International Culture Exchange Association
  • Takarazuka Cultural Assets Guide Society
  • Takarazuka International Friendship Association
  • Kawanishi International Association

International Volunteer Guides in the Hanshin Area

There are guided tours offered by volunteers and some of them can provide translation services.

Tourist Information Inquiries in Hanshin

  • Hyogo Tourism Association

    TEL: 078-361-7661

The following association accepts Japanese inquiries only.

  • Amagasaki Tourist Information Center (Ama Love i + Plus)

    TEL: 050-3772-5410 (IP Phone)

  • Nishinomiya Tourism Association

    TEL: 0798-35-3321

  • Ashiya Tourism Association

    TEL: 0797-38-2033

  • Itami Tourism and Products Association

    TEL: 072-770-7060

  • Takarazuka International Tourism Association

    TEL: 0797-77-2012

  • Kawanishi-shi Tourism Association

    TEL: 072-740-1161

  • Sanda-shi Tourism Association

    TEL: 079-559-5087

  • Inagawa-cho Tourism Association

    TEL: 072-766-8709

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