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Awaji Island is a place of myth and a treasure house of food. It is also famous as a flower island and at Awaji Yumebutai you can enjoy many different types of flowers from season to season. Please also take time to see the art of Awaji Puppet Theater, which has 500 years of tradition.

Transportation in Awaji

  • Awaji Kotsu

    There are bus routes all around Awaji Island and to Tokushima.

Awaji International Volunteer Guide

  • Awaji City International Association

International Volunteer Guides in Kobe

There are guided tours offered by volunteers and some of them can provide translation services.

Tourist Information Inquiries in Awaji

  • Hyogo Tourism Association

    TEL: 078-361-7661

The following association accepts Japanese inquiries only.

  • Awaji Island Tourist Association Tourist Information Center

    TEL: 0799-72-0168

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