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The silhouette resembling the luxurious cruise ship is now a symbol of Port Island.
Rooms on the northern side of the hotel can enjoy the view of Mount Rokko and the city of Kobe, and from the southern rooms, guests can enjoy the beautiful view of Osaka Bay.
With 13 restaurants, grand ball room with capacity of 1700 people, 33 other function rooms, esthetic salons, and athletic gym, every guest can enjoy the luxurious hotel experience.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Minatojima-Nakamachi 6-10-1

Hotel Pearl City Kobe

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As a leading hotel of Kobe, an international city, Hotel Pearl City Kobe is highly regarded by both overseas and domestic guests because of our efficient customer service and warm hospitality. We can assure you a pleasant stay at our hotel both for working and sightseeing.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Minatojima-Nakamachi 7-5-1
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Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

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Located on Rokko Island, it is in the heart of Kobe where guests can enjoy both the traditional and the modern side of Japan. We offer a limousine bus service from Kansai International Airport and a direct bus service from Shin-Kobe and Sannomiya Station making it a convenient place to stay for any occasion.
With many halls within the hotel, we are also perfect for having events and functions.

  • Kobe-Shi Higashi-Nada-Ku Kouyou-Cho-Naka 2-13 (Rokko Island)


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Located right in front of the Shin-Kobe Station, our 37-story hotel offers tremendous night view of Kobe. Enjoy one of the three best night views of Japan right from the comfort of your room.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kitano-Cho 1-1

Oriental Hotel

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The entrance faces the main street of Kobe’s old foreign settlement area. Lobby is located on the top floor, and the guests are welcomed with the spectacular view of Kobe Port and Mount Rokko. Our 116 rooms feature modern interior but with a sense of classical touch. Relax and spend a quality time until your heart desires.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kyomachi 25
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Green Hill Hotel Kobe

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Situated near Kobe Kitano Ijinkan (former foreigner’s residences) and just a five minute walk from Shin-Kobe station, Green Hill Hotel is an ideal location, whether your trip is for business or leisure.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kanou-Cho 2-8-3
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Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel

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We are resort hotel that is almost entirely surrounded by the ocean. All 319 rooms have balcony to enjoy the ocean breeze or the view of Kobe.
Japanese, Chinese, Freanch, teppanyaki, and buffet style restaurants are available in the hotel. Sky Lounge and relaxation pool is among other things that we have to offer. At the penthouse balcony, we have the only “official light house in a hotel” which helps all ships to come in and out to Kobe.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Hatoba-Cho 5-6

Hotel Okura Kobe

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Hotel Okura is located on the urban Kobe Meriken Park. With its traditional architecture and elegant atmosphere, guests can spend a peaceful time away from home. Perfect location and the top-quality service will make your stay the most memorable one.
Each room has a view of Mount Rokko or Kobe Port. Within the hotel, there are Japanese, Chinese, Teppanyaki, and French restaurants available. There’s nothing better than enjoying top quality dishes, prepared by the top chefs, at one of the top hotels in Kobe.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuo-Ku Hatoba-cho2-1


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10 minute walk from Sannomiya station, it’s a perfect location for touring around town. The soft-colored rooms with calming atmosphere are made to ensure that guests can enjoy their stay. Refreshing, clean water from Mt. Rokko comes out from the facet, so take a bath in this excellent quality water to refresh from long day of traveling and sightseeing.

  • Kobe-shi Chuou-ku Gokoudouri 2-1-10


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Conveniently situated two minutes walk from JR Hyogo Station featuring guest rooms with windows facing the bay and decorated with abstract paintings. Fresh bread hot from the oven and salads organically grown vegetables are served as part of a smorgasbord breakfast.

  • Kobe-Shi Hyogo-Ku Tsukamoto-Dori 6-2-11
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Although ESCALE KOBE was originally for the crew and their family, it widely opens to public at the present. The hotel became popular with the students of sports teams and the crew from overseas because of its reasonable price. When the World Cup in 2002, we had a lot of guests from overseas such as France, Germany and Italy. We are very happy to have international guests and would like to be known as friendly accommodation all over the world. In addition, we intend to open Sea men's club as a place for international exchange.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kusunoki-Cho 8-10-1


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KOBE PLAZA HOTEL is located in front of JR,Hanshin Motomachi station and it is very convenient for the Kobe sightseeing such as Nankin machi (China town),Kyukyoryuchi (Old Foreign Settlement), Meriken Park(Kobe port) and so on within walking distance. In this building, there are restaurants called ChuNagon (famous for Lobster dishes) and Saint Marc Cafe,and an aesthetic salon as well. The hotel can be used in many ways for each purpose.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Motomachi-Dori 1-13-12
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Kitagami Hotel is a people-friendly economy hotel with good security, cleanliness and convenience.To Kitagami Hotel, 3 min. walk from Sannomiya Station in JR/Hanshin/Hankyu/Kobe Subway lines, and 12 min. walk from JR Shin-Kobe Station. By car, 45 min. from Osaka International Airport, and 70 min. from Kansai International Airport. It takes 10 min. walk to Kitano Ijinkan (early foreign residents) from our hotel.

  • Kobe-Shi Chuou-Ku Kanou-Cho 4-8-19
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THE HOTEL PLAZA KOBE is located on Rokko Island. All guest rooms occupy from the 12th to the 17th floors of this building so that you can have a fine view of sea from each room. You can also enjoy viewing Osaka bay to the east, Kobe urban area to the west, Kobe port to the south and Mt.Rokko to the north from the hotel. On the 18th floor, there are a French restaurant called Smily Neptune, which offers a wide view from the east to the west ,and a Teppanyaki restaurant Shioji ,where you can enjoy a chef cooking in front of you and the view of Osaka bay. For the night spot, there is also a bar Bon voyage where you can have a beautiful night view.

  • Kobe-Shi Higashi-Nada-Ku Kouyou-Cho-Naka 2-9-1


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Hotel Monterey Kobe has the feel of a medieval castle. Italian restaurant 'an Michele' serves fresh and seasonal cuisine in a retro environment. Each venue has been individually designed and decorated in unique style which would be well suitable for corporate or private events and meetings.

  • 2-11-13 Shimoyamatedori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi 650-0011
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