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Welcome to Hyogo

Experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of Hyogo. Let us inspire you.

Hyogo What's New

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Tajima Tour Bus "Tajimawaru"

Weekends and bank holidays between 2016 April ~ 2017 March Tajima Tour Bus "Tajimawaru"
April to September 2016 Firefly Watch in Awaji
7/1(Fri)~10/24(Mon) Ultra Hero World ~ Ultraman 50th Anniversary~
2016 7/23(Sat) ~ 8/31 (Wed)  Tamba Dinosaurs Fossil Studio Chitan Museum "Summer Special Exhibition"
July 8 (Fri)~November 23(Wed) 2016 "Alice Through the Looking Glass" Music Box Version
2016 9/25 (Sun) Tajima "Cow Festival"
2016 4/1~2017 1/31 Rokko&Arima Skywalk Plan 2016
7/23(Mon)~8/30(Tue) Carnivorous Plants Special Exhibition
Michelin Guide Hyogo (Kobe) 2016
10/10 Kiyozumi Cosmos Festival
Annual Events

Model Courses - various courses in each area

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Himeji Excursion: Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Famous Film Location

Course visiting Shoshazanenkyouji, known for Himeji Castle (World Heritage Site) and as the filming location for the movie “The Last Samurai”

Cruise Around Kobe: Food, Fashion, and Love -Seaside Course-

A day trip in what many considers Japan's most fashionable city, Kobe.

Kinosaki Hot Springs: stroll around the hot spring town in yukata (Japanese cotton kimono) and geta (Japanese wooden sandals) & enjoy delicious seafood

Course dedicated to experience Kinosaki Onsen, the top hot spring town in Kansai region. Rent a car and enjoy the road trip!

San’in Coast & Hot Springs: Visit the potential location of the National Geopark

San'in Coast is currently being proposed to become one of the sites for International Network of Geoparks. Yumura Onsen was selected as a filming site for a Japanese TV drama because of its beauty.

Area Information

Hyogo Area Map
Hyogo Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Tamba Tajima Harima Hanshin Kobe Tajima Harima Tamba Kobe Hanshin Awaji